Kye Oats EP

by Coyote Armada

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Recorded June 2012-April 2013

Ski Lodge Studios
Panopticon Studios
Indianapolis, IN


released April 13, 2013

Coyote Armada is Bob Barrick (lead vocal, guitar), Josh Turner (guitar, mandolin, banjo), Craig Middleton (bass), Reid Swenson (violin), Phil Janz (cajon) and Patterson Day (cajon)

Produced, engineered, and mixed by Sam Dorrance and Coyote Armada
Additional engineering and production by Mark Haugen on "Millstone"
Oboe on "North" by Scott Janz
Additional percussion by Derrick Bailey and Jordy Long

Album art by Stephen Denning



all rights reserved


Coyote Armada Indianapolis, Indiana

Coyote Armada is a folk band from the Crossroads of America.

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Track Name: North
Trailing off her neck
He's holding up the girl with his shoulder
And she starts to undress

Bones and back
Untiling the land with her lace
Lord, roll me a cigarette

He slips through the snow and connects
With the foot of your daughter in the grass
At the end of the bed

Roll me a cigarette
I feel like I've got something in my head
Its warm and short and close to death
And Lord, this is all that you have left me

Roll me a cigarette
I feel like I've got something in my head
Its warm and short and close to death
And Lord, this is all that you have left me
Track Name: Millstone (feat. Nicholas)
Well these stones don't make no bed for me
I want tall pastures to hide beneath

When I'm stoned, there's no flint I can't see
I want punk wood so I can ignite this week

Well these bones ain't frail like they used to be
They won't fail me, when I trust them the least

And I'm found in a flooded field
I want factories, I want my crops to yield

When I pull my foot from the clay
And I see what I have made
A millpond for my family
And all my time, I will grind

Say I will hustle hard call it nose to the grindstone
If you 'aint gettin' money man, then what the fuck you grind for?
I'm breaking bread momma's baby needs that 35
For that formula, them diapers, a new life, and some nice clothes.
I will really grind like produce in the mill
Call it wheat under wheel I'm just tryna make that deal
8 for 15 that's a steal. Put it up up on the scale
Break it down. I'll bag that Kil, I'm just tryna' get a bill
This here is my rent money so don't mess with me
And I am screaming get money 'till I rest in peace
Them dirty pigs up in the sty, man, fuck them beatin' it
If God is on your corner then don't trust him 'neither
See me standing on the corner watching life go past
Sometimes I have to laugh at this cash grab shit but the fact is
There's no money up under my mattress
So it's back to that cash, dash, grass

I'm on my grind